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About Me:

I am a highly motivated and accomplished scientist with a profound passion for advancing the fields of computational biology and cancer research. My academic journey and extensive experience have molded me into a multifaceted researcher dedicated to making a significant impact in the realm of life sciences.

Academic Journey:

My academic journey has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence. I earned my Master of Science in Cancer Genomics and Data Sciences from Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, in the academic year spanning 2022-2023. This transformative experience allowed me to consistently rank among the top 2% of my class, underlining my dedication to academic excellence.

The culmination of my academic journey was marked by the completion of a research thesis conducted under the guidance of Dr. Mirjana Efremova. This thesis delved into the molecular changes occurring across malignant transformation, particularly from normal to metastatic cancer. My work harnessed the power of single-cell analysis techniques to dissect intricate alterations at the cellular level during this transformation. This not only broadened my knowledge but also honed my practical research skills and analytical thinking.

Educational Pursuits Beyond:

My commitment to lifelong learning has driven me to explore diverse facets of science. This quest for knowledge led me to participate in a Summer School program in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. This intensive program, held in August 2019, exposed me to cutting-edge research in the fields of evolution and genetics. I excelled in this program, earning an A+ and 8ECTS, reinforcing my ability to grasp complex scientific concepts and apply them effectively.

Furthermore, I pursued a Professional Certificate in Data Sciences from Stanford University, one of the world's most prestigious educational institutions. Undertaken between February 2019 and July 2019, this program fortified my statistical and data analysis skills, as well as my proficiency in the R and Python programming languages.

Skills and Expertise:

My journey as a Computational Biologist has equipped me with a wide range of skills that directly align with the responsibilities of the Research Assistant role at the Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence. I possess a high level of proficiency in molecular biology, genetic analysis, R language, Python, and various bioinformatics tools. My skill set extends to encompass single-cell analysis, omics tools, spatial analysis, and cancer genomics.

Clinical Research Experience:

I successfully bridged the gap between clinical research and computational biology as a Research Assistant at Max Healthcare, New Delhi. My work within the Oncology Department focused on risk stratification for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). I managed DNAseq and RNaseq data from 47 multi-center patients, contributing to the enhancement of clinical study design for improved risk stratification. This experience demonstrated my ability to translate computational research into practical applications in the clinical setting.

Mentoring and Education:

My commitment to education and mentoring is not just a part of my past but a fundamental aspect of my professional journey. I had the privilege of serving as a Teaching Assistant at Sabarmati University, Calorx Teacher's University, Gujarat. In this role, I assisted in the delivery of course materials and lab sessions for undergraduate students, primarily focusing on Biochemistry. I was responsible for grading assignments, preparing lesson plans, and providing guidance to students to facilitate their learning. My dedication to education and my ability to simplify complex scientific concepts have been consistently recognized by students and faculty.

In addition to my teaching role, I assumed the position of Principal Scientist/Mentor at Research Bulb Inc, New Delhi. In this pivotal role, I led a team of researchers involved in innovative pharmaceutical product development. My efforts culminated in the successful launch of three patented products, each contributing to improved health outcomes. The growth and success of Research Bulb Inc under my mentorship stands as a testament to my ability to manage and drive research strategies to successful outcomes.

Consultancy and Industrial Exposure:

My diverse professional experiences extend to the domain of scientific consultancy. I have served as a Scientific Consultant at Helix Biogenesis Pvt. Ltd, Delhi NCR. In this capacity, I conducted research in the field of metagenomics, a burgeoning area with profound implications for health and the environment. I collaborated with a team of experts to enhance RNA sequencing and metagenomics. My knowledge of life sciences enabled me to analyze experimental data and perform quantitative analysis, contributing to the development of patents and ensuring that projects met legal requirements. This experience allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied research and added valuable depth to my skill set.

Additionally, I held a position as a Scientific Research Intern at Rapture Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd, Delhi NCR. In this role, I actively contributed to the gathering, arrangement, and correction of research data. I evaluated potential study participants and assessed data using scientific methods. This practical exposure further refined my research acumen and enhanced my understanding of the critical aspects of data collection and interpretation.

Global Recognition and Awards:

Recognition and accolades have been a consistent part of my journey as a scientist. I have received several awards, underlining the quality and impact of my work. One of the highlights of my accomplishments was being awarded the Best Poster at the Leiden International (Bio)Medical Conference in 2019. This conference, held in Leiden, Netherlands, is a global platform that showcases innovative research in the fields of medicine and biology. This recognition was a validation of my research prowess and ability to present complex scientific ideas in a clear and engaging manner. I also had the honor of receiving the Best Researcher in Pharmacology at the same conference, further cementing my reputation as a young scientist making significant strides in the field.

My achievements extend beyond the realm of biology and medicine. I have earned awards at international conferences on microbiology and technology. These awards signify my versatility as a scientist who can apply knowledge and principles across different scientific domains. Furthermore, I have been recognized at the international robotics championship, where I showcased my abilities in multidisciplinary research and problem-solving.

Professional Affiliations:

My professional affiliations further highlight my commitment to staying connected with the global scientific community. I am a proud member of the Royal Society of Biology and the New York Academy of Sciences. In these roles, I contribute actively to discussions, conferences, and collaborative efforts aimed at advancing our understanding of life sciences. The Royal Society of Biology, with its rich history and reputation, is an organization that I hold in high esteem and feel privileged to be associated with. My membership in these prestigious societies reflects my dedication to my field and my commitment to continuous learning and networking.

Intellectual Property and Publications:

In addition to my extensive research work and awards, I have played a role in the creation of intellectual property. I hold patents for dietary supplements, nutrient supplements for treating health problems, and iconic formulations for curing soft tissue ailments. These patents exemplify my innovative approach to scientific research and my contribution to developing solutions that positively impact people's lives.

Moreover, I have contributed to the scientific literature by publishing books and reviewing articles on various topics within the realm of life sciences. My ability to communicate complex scientific concepts in a clear and accessible manner is a valuable skill that I bring to the table.

Diversity and Inclusion:

I firmly believe in the value of diversity and inclusion in scientific research and actively support

 initiatives that promote a wide range of perspectives. Throughout my career, I have actively supported diversity initiatives and collaborated with professionals from diverse backgrounds. I understand the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that encourages a wide range of perspectives, and I am dedicated to promoting this ethos.

Why Science?

My passion for scientific research stems from a deep-rooted curiosity about the natural world and a desire to make a positive impact on society. Science, with its endless opportunities for exploration, problem-solving, and discovery, has been the driving force behind my career.

My Vision:

My vision is to contribute to the advancement of our understanding of complex diseases, particularly in the context of computational biology and cancer research. I'm dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge transfer to make a meaningful impact on scientific knowledge and, ultimately, people's lives.

Join My Journey:

I invite you to join me on this journey of scientific exploration, innovation, and learning. My passion for research, dedication to education, and commitment to advancing scientific knowledge are the driving forces behind my work. Together, we can explore the frontiers of science and create a better future.

Thank you for your interest in my scientific journey.

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