School LIbrary

                    Professional Bio

Prof. Bharat kwatra has always found joy in learning, exploring and discovering new aspects of healthcare but it wasn’t until he arrived at the research facility, that he realized just how much he enjoyed being enveloped in an academic research environment. He works hard to balance the many aspects involved in being an effective Professor of chemistry at Sabarmati University, an Active researcher and an excellent student at the University of Debrecen and tries to make sure he has as much time available for learning new things as possible. He has published widely and is also a popular speaker at academic events and conferences worldwide. He is very keen and enthusiastic about neurology, microbes, and research related to neurosciences and biochemistry, which makes him different from others. During his High School; he was an active Member of American microbial society, affiliated member of International Union Of Pure and Applied Chemistry, European Research trade and development society and World Association for Scientific Research and Technical Innovation,International Society for research and Developmental, Society Society for Study of Evolution, Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, European Federation of Biotechnology, and New York Academy of Sciences at very young age. He is the founder of three research-based companies 1) Conceptive Farmacia Pvt Ltd, that deals in manufacturing and trading of patented pharmaceutical products, 2) Webic- which aims at bringing together intellectual innovators from around the world on a single platform to present their ideas, connect meet and network with leading professionals of their field. 3) Invenzion labs- which focus on numerous researches namely, neurological research, Pharmacokinetics and pharmacological assays, bacterial identification and creating bacterial library, it also works on evolutionary relationship of bacteria. He is a graduate in peer review from Publons Academy, and also a mentor at the publons academy. He has completed his Diploma in Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Enzymology, Clinical Trials and Biology. He has also Completed professional certification in Bloodborne pathogens and Basic life skills (CPR and AED), Basic of Data analysis and Fundamentals of Statistical analysis and inference. He is editor in eight international journaIs, entitled as Acta scientific Microbial Journal, EC microbiology and open access mycology. He is involved in doing research on various health issues namely but not limited to; Blood-Brain Barrier, a cure for obesity, Single cell Protein, Antibiotics, Anterior Cruciate Ligaments, and Evolution Whales Microbiota and Pill Bugs. He has received great laurels worldwide some of them are first prize in the international conference, 2017, Won Youth research forum at beneficial microbes, USA, Won Best Poster Award at Biotech 2018 at Rome Italy, Won best research award at LIMSC, Netherlands and Runner up in Poster at LIMSC, Netherlands, Won best presentation award at International summit de Sustainable development, Sweden, and Won best speaker award at Biomechanics, India. He has also been awarded best Course Wide Award in medicine from Oxford University, UK. He is  also being awarded as Youngest Researcher in his state and was five times National champion during his high school. He has been Invited at as Speaker at various international conferences and seminars namely but not limited to; Medics 2018, Romania, International conference on microbiology, USA, Bacteriology and applied microbiology, Japan, and Global Cardiology Conference, Ireland. I was the speaker at various webinars namely, Symposium on Cell, Spot on Microbiology, Frontiers of a biomedical scientist, Elsevier phagocytosis, Springer Bioinformatics, Microbiology and Immunology, and Oxford Pharmaceutical. He has published more than twenty international journals, more than four conference proceedings and, have more than ten patents and PCT’s. Also, I have eleven US copyrights along with 14 Indian Copyright. His three books are under publication in the field of statistics, mass spectroscopy and biomedical protocols.