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A Scientist and Professor

 Prof. Bharat kwatra, a highly regarded Professor and a Leading Scientist, with experience as a Researcher, Chemist, Genome Expert, Biologist, lecturer, Mentor, Editor, Consultant, and Author, he has developed a reputation as a fresh and inspiring voice in their area of expertise.

Researching and Writing


From a young age, Prof. Bharat kwatra knew he was going to be a Scientist and educator and it’s a decision he has never regretted. For Bharat Kwatra, there is nothing better than the curiosity and enthusiasm that each new methodology of scientific research brings to his projects and community.

As an enthusiastic and devoted Scientist, he sees no better purpose in life than passing on his love of learning, experimenting and exploring to his own mentees. Bharat kwatra is known for his inspiring life, diverse research work and his body of scholarly work.



UG-Diploma Basic Medicine Course
{University Of Debrecen, Hungary}

A1 & A2 level in German Language
{Goethe University, Germany}

BS. Biomedical Sciences
{Sabarmati University,India}

Professional certification in bio statistics (Virrtual)

 {Stanford University}

Diploma in Clinical Trials
{Catalyst, India}

Diploma in B Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Enzymology, and Microbiology.
{Rapture Biotech, India}

Graduated in Peer Review from Publons Academy

Professional course in Evolutionary Biology- 8ECTS
{Goethe University, Germany}

Professional Certificate in CPR - AED
{National CPR Academy, USA}

Professional Certificate in Blood borne Pathogens

Diploma in Biology

CBSE- All India Examination ( High School)

Basics Of Neuroscience (Enrolled) Coursera

Summer Course "MEDICINE"


Professional course in ANTI DOPING 

     {Stanford Online Education}

Professional course in FOOD AND NUTRITION
{Stanford Online Education}

Professional course in Scientific Writing
{Stanford Online Edu}

Professional course in Bio molecules
{John Hopkins online- AAP}


Professional Course in Bioethics -EDX-MITX

Professional Course In Biospecimen and research methods -EDX

Professional Course in Statistics and R -EDX

Introduction to linear models and matrix algebra- Edx

Healthcare and Delivery Models -edx

Statistical Inference and Modeling for High-throughput Experiments - Edx

High-Dimensional Data Analysis
Biology -Edx



Associate Member of Royal Society of Biology

Affiliate Member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Member Of Delhi Peace Committee (Government Of NCT Delhi)

Mentor at New York Academy of Sciences

Mentor at Publons Academy

Member of European Research Training and Development Centre, UK.

Member of Society of Study of Evolution.

Member Of Chairs of New York Academy of Sciences.

Member of American Society of Microbiology

Member of World Association for Scientific research and Development

Member of National Science Centre

Member of the International Society for Research and Development

Member Of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors.


Professional Experience

September 2019 - Present

Mentor At Publons

Together, the academic community can improve scholarly communication by training new academics in peer review. At the Publons Academy, this means offering feedback, motivating and endorsing early career researchers for excellence in reviewing.

May 2019 - June  2019

Principal Researcher at Helix Biogenesis Pvt Ltd

Worked on research that focuses on discovering a theory behind antibiotic-resistant bacteria and their evolution in the oral cavity, and a new molecule from a plant “Acmella uliginosa” was discovered and was used to standardize the effect antibiotics on these resistant microbes.

January 2019 - Present

Associate Editor in Open Access Journal of Mycology.

The primary role is to act as a liaison between the author and the audience.  My job is to decide what papers are appropriate to publish in the journal

December 2018 - Present

Editorial Board member for EC Microbiology.

The primary role is to act as a liaison between the author and the audience.  My job is to decide what papers are appropriate to publish in the journal

October 2018 - Present

Editor in Acta Scientific Microbiology (ASMI)

The primary role is to act as a liaison between the author and the audience.  My job is to decide what papers are appropriate to publish in the journal

November 2018- Present

Student Mentor at New York Academy Of Sciences

 A self-directed mentoring program that matches early career scientists and engineers with experienced STEM professionals for advice and coaching.

September 2018 – December 2018

Research Volunteer at State University Of New York, Buffalo

Worked on faecal matter of Whales, Isolating DNA and RNA, running Shotgun Prediction on Isolated Genome. Gene Annotation. Then predicted functions of the 2 microbiomes from the two whale species were overall similar to terrestrial mammals.

April 2017 – August 2017

Head Researcher at St. Mark’s Sr. Secondary public school

Analysis of blood brain penetration in Zebrafish, to  decode blood brain barrier

Jan 2016 – Feb 2017

Head Researcher at National Science Center, Delhi

Completed research on microbes (lactobacillus acidophilus and saccharomyces crevices) as new aspect of bio-medicine.

 July 2016 – August 2016

Researcher at St. Mark’s Sr. Secondary public school

Worked on Arduino and Raspberry pi modules to help people with hearing disabilities.

June 2016 – July 2016

Research Mentor

Worked on two projects-“Growth rate patterns of Trichoderma Uricle and Aspergillus awamori (microorganism).
Supervised and trained 6 new students in their lab skills
Increased research rate by 84%.

Abstract Lights

Applied Patents

Female Speaker


Application/Patent Number- 201911043396

The present invention relates to a nutrient supplement for relaxing blood vessels,
strengthening immunity and for treating or preventing various other health
problems like joint pains, osteoarthritis, cell damages, inflammation, skin
problems, and various other conditions.

In the Classroom


Application/Patent Number- 201911043395

The present invention relates generally to compositions for human and animal consumption, and more particularly, to dietary supplements for supplementing dietary needs of human subjects to improve physical performance, retard degenerative processes of aging, improve body resistance to infections, and treating various health problems like fatigue, stress, weakness & exhaustion.

Open Book

ICONIC formulation to cure soft tissue

Application/Patent Number - 201711013442

  • A formulation for the treatment of bone and skin associated diseases comprising a skin and bone penetrating complex, a bone paste, a healing agent, a protein agent and solvent. 

  • The bone paste includes Sodium phosphate, Calcium hydroxide and Calcium carbonate.

  • The healing agent includes 3-methoxy furano - 2, 3, 7, 8-flavone, Glabrin, Karanjin, Diclofenac Diethyl Ammonium, Mephenesin, Chlorpheniramine maleate and 1, 2, 3-Trihydroxypropane.

  • The protein agent includes Glutamine, Beta lactoglobulin, Lactoferrin, Glycomacropeptide, Immunoglobulin Bioactive Collagen Glucosamine and Distilled water.

  • The solvent includes 2-oleogedistrean,Clove oil, and Omega- 3-triglyceride and Cinnamon.

Modern Laptop

 Augmented Brace

Application/Patent Number - 201711013443

  • The electronic brace includes one or more muscle activity sensors, a processor operatively coupled to the one or more muscle activity sensors, an angle adjustment assembly. 

  • Sensors monitor underlying muscle activity of a user wearing the electronic brace. 

  • The processor calculates a desired angle to which the electronic brace is to be adjusted based upon the underlying muscle activity. 

  • Optionally, the electronic brace adjusts angle based on an input signal received from a portable device.

School LIbrary

All in One Armour

Application/Patent Number - 201711013444

  • All In One Armour protects body of a soldier (alternatively a wearer or a user) in the battlefield against arms and explosions. 

  • It is bulletproof vests that include sensors for transmitting the soldier’s body vital information to a pick-up vehicle in case of injury. 

  • Existing smart protective shield regulates temperature so that a soldier wearing the armour in adverse conditions feels fine and focuses on task.

  • Also it is equipped with modern weapons.

Student in Library


Application/Patent Number -201711036978

The purpose of the present invention is to design a bioreactor and then use the bioreactor to study and culture microbes. The microbes so obtained were further used to procure Single-cell protein for curing intractable diseases. More particularly, the present invention relates to a Bioreactor, specifically, a Hybrid of bioreactor and fermenter and the use of the bioreactor herein described for studying the growth patterns of each Micro-organism and culturing and isolating DNA and protein isolation and its use for curing various diseases

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

 Power Generator

Application/Patent Number - 201711032880

  • Power generator with magnetized blades and a cavity with toroidal copper wires. In order to overcome the drawbacks of conventional systems

  • It produces sufficient power while utilizing magnetic power and without the need for significant power input, is needed. 

  • It is a cost effective power generation device that may produce sufficient power for targeted applications without the need for elaborate and complex mechanisms.

Traditional Library


Application/Patent Number - 201711032878

  • A crossbow having a stock with a slit containing an arrow is disclosed. 

  • It includes a processor, a voice recognition device which is operatively connected to the processor, and one or more energy storing devices on one or more metal strips, a servo trigger and a power source. 

  • The voice input signal activates the processor which in turn sends signals to the servo trigger and the capacitor. The capacitor gets charged and produces spark by short-circuiting. The other signal activates the servo trigger and a burning arrow is launched.

Typewriter Keys

 Plasma Shooter

Application/Patent Number - 201711032879

It’s a laser plasma device along with a flex sensor.


Researching and Writing


Pocket Statistics

If you were about to learn statistics, what would your data say, and how would you interpret it? This learning and provocative question is at the core of the remarkable and easy learning book, Pocket Statistics. This book emerged from the data scientists working in different fields, designed to help people discover their statistical thinking, and then speak it out loud, developed by renowned scientist Bharat Kwatra. Provide all the data related professionals like Business, Researchers, and all other professionals.

Research mate Microbiology and food technology

It's a compilation of the best and easiest protocols with and analytical approach for quick reference and to inculcate the experiments with the well-defined knowledge and reviews from hundreds of research papers. Protocols in this book serve a great purpose to get hands-on experimentation divided in two modules of microbiology and food technology. The book is the outcome of careful consideration of the latest trends, thoughts, and applications of the mentioned protocols. It's an outcome of many hours of work involving the professionals who are genuinely interested in the progress of research aptitude in students. The contents and the protocols have been described in an easy and understandable manner which will ultimately increase the learning skills of aspirants. It's a book every researcher must have to know the protocols, compositions of media, and reagents used in microbiology and food technology researches and laboratories.



Since the start of their career, Bharat kwatra has been committed to producing a high standard of published work. They have a number of upcoming articles earmarked for scholarly journals currently in peer review.



Knowledge for Every Level

Open Book


Research can be quite daunting especially if you don’t know where to begin from. If you are wondering
about questions like:​​

You will find all your answers in our “…” course which is a spot on the course to help you begin your research project, designed by experts from International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), World Research Development Society, European Federation de Biotechnology, GRDS, ASMI, and Publons.

You will not just receive a certificate but at the end of the course, you will find that you already have the idea and you walk away with your research paper.




Conceptive Farmacia PVT LTD

 Conceptive Farmacia is a Private limited company recognized by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The company was established with a vision to research and develop nutritional and research-based innovative patented medications for healthy living, we here at Conceptive Farmacia produce more efficient and affordable scientifically significant patented formulations along with generic medicines to meet the world's leading public health needs.


Invenzion Labs

 As the leading Research Foundation in the New Delhi area, Invenzion labs has been at the forefront of making a difference in the community. We support creative and innovative thinkers who want to create a lasting change by addressing the causes of our greatest challenges. At Invenzion labs, we believe in making dreams come true. Our wide range of patents and research studies across all fields of healthcare has a chance to improve lives. we have donated to a number of great research articles and research studies and have helped a number of healthcare providers to enhance and meet the public health needs. “ It’s a lab By scientists for the scientists”


Research Bulb

We at Research Bulb aim at bringing together a dynamic network of innovators around the globe. Research Bulboffers something for every researcher, our services like Data Analysis, Scientific Writing, Paper Publication, and Support, Seeking Copyrights, Illustration Design and Project Consultation will help you
customize your ongoing projects.
So, if you are a researcher or choose to be one… This is the place to be!

Know More

Awards  and Achievements

Traditional Library

Ongoing Projects

Image by Debby Hudson


Science Denials

Speaker at the New York Academy of Sciences

Workshop on Ocular pharmacology, AIIMS

Learnt Several Methodologies on Mass spectrometry, Chromatography, Proteomics and Metabolomics etc

Experimentica Workshop de Nobel Museum

  • Learnt the techniques of scientific research and presentation skills.

Photography Workshop

  •  Learnt techniques to use hi-tech digital cameras and also learned the techniques of videography and film editing. 

Member Of Delhi Peace Committee (Government Of NCT Delhi):

  • Helps the minority groups by providing food, teaching and shelters. Also, participate in fund-Raising Activities

Disney friends for change by CMS

  • -Converted barren parking lot to fully well-developed park . This included planting of medicinal herbs and plants which are helpful for our environment to control air pollution. Won Gold Award from CMS.

SOS orphanage fund collection

  • articipated in fundraising events specifically for destitute children. Won Runner Up Award from SOS villages India for raising funds around US$ 800.

Member of Nirman society(AIINS

  • As a member participate and help organize fundraising activities which also include collecting basic necessities for people in regions suffering from natural disasters.


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